We offer our clients legal assistance at the highest level, adapting our services to their current needs

Economic law / real estate

The law firm possesses extensive experience in handling litigations between entrepreneurs as well as in preparing and giving opinions of agreements in the scope of business transactions for corporate clients and individual entrepreneurs. The law firm specialises in issues from the construction law, preparation of agreements concerning the investment and construction process and the service of construction investors, general contractors and contractors. Moreover, the law firm represents housing associations and consumers in the scope of claims against developers.

The law firm also gives opinions on preliminary agreements of sale of residential premises and agreements of commercial lease of residential and commercial premises as well as analyses the legal statutes of real properties.

For the natural persons acquiring real property, the law firm offers comprehensive and professional analysis of agreements of reservation of premises or developer agreements as well as agreements of sale of residential and commercial premises.

Fee form:

Flat Rate

Flat-rate fee (the so-called flat rate) – a form of settlement where the remuneration agreed with the client consists of a one-off fee for handling the given case (in the given instance, for preparation of letters etc.) and the agreement in advance specifies the scope of activities of GM Kancelaria Adwokacka covered by the flat-rate remuneration. The amount of the remuneration does not depend on the duration of the and its amount depends on the workload necessary to complete the given case.

Hourly Rate

The hourly remuneration (the so-called hourly rate) – a form of settlement where the specified remuneration due to GM Kancelaria Adwokacka depends on the time devoted to work for the given client/the given case. This form of settlement will be the most beneficial for entities (most often enterprises) that need constant legal assistance in unspecified dimension.

Success Fee

Success fee – remuneration paid if GM Kancelaria Adwokacka wins a case. This is a form of settlement that can be used only in combination with the flat rate or the hourly rate. If the client agrees to the success fee, the flat rate or the hourly rate can be proportionately lower. The success fee is determined e.g. in percentage terms and is conditional upon winning the given case (e.g. percentage of the amount the client was awarded by the court).